Release Notes for v1.0.3.1

As promised, we have been working diligently to correct some reported issues that were affecting workflow in the cloud. After thorough testing of the coding in our staging environment we have decided to push the changes to production. 

Listed below are the changes you can expect along with some of the “quirks” we uncovered during the testing. 

What’s been added/fixed: 

124872297– Sample Coordinator view and Producer View not being in sync with each other or with the data in QuickBase.

123088401 -The ability to paste comma delimited lists into the SCAN modal.

123088401 – When a print pull list function is executed, all Sample records selected for the pull list have their Status field automatically changed to “Requested.”

120998429– The number of records displayed on Producer View and Sample Coordinator view can be set to a client-specific value such as 100 and will display that number of rows when deployed.

Release Notes (what we uncovered that still needs work):

126832283- When creating a new set list from the Set List table, it is visible for assignment in Producer View; however, you are not able to select it and successfully assign shots. Until fixed, the workaround is to create a new set list through the Assign to Set List modal. This will successfully create the set list and allow shots to be assigned. 

126832767- The Apply to Action list on Producer View will only accept [enter] (carriage return) delimited values. The Apply to Action list on Sample Coordinator View will accept both comma and [enter] (carriage return) delimited values. 

126834248- Search functionality in the top search and the magnifying search are still “fuzzy” and will continue to undergo development for more precise results in both Producer View and Sample Coordinator View.

126834248  and 126834248 – Confirmation of assigning shots or moving samples may result with failure (or success) for all records, even if one record wasn’t affected. For example, if you attempt to assign shots for a product that has 0 shots, you may receive notification that 1 shot was assigned. If you attempt to move 5 samples and only 4 moved, you may receive notification that 5 failed. The workaround is to manually check the records in QuickBase to confirm changes. Within 5 minutes, you should also be able to see the changes in the Sample Coordinator or Producer View. 

While we understand that there is still work to be done, we felt that the benefits to releasing this code far outweigh the anomalies still requiring further development.

If you see or experience any issues not reported here, please submit a ticket through the support portal for further investigation. 

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