Release Notes for v1.0.6.1

It’s that time again – time to show off what we’ve been working hard to fix! Without further ado, I give you the official release notes for Producer View and Sample Coordinator view v1.0.6.1.

And with a wave of our magic wand, look what we fixed:

Formatting of CSV file when exporting a pull list – You no longer have to use a special, magic decoder ring to figure out what the data means in the excel export of your pull list. The values now appear under the column headers, making it easily understandable and valuable.

Screen turns orange when adjusting column widths – We have fired Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas, so the screen will no longer blank out to orange when you adjust the columns widths on your Producer and Sample Coordinator views. They were better at making candy than they ever were controlling our views anyway.

Various Magnifying Search fixes – We tinkered and tweaked a few things to make the magnifying search more functional and reliable. Some of the parameters we fine-tuned were “begins with”, “ends with”, “does not begin with”, “does not end with”, “contains”, “is not equal”, and “greater than.” We also removed “is in” and “is not in”, because, well honestly, they just didn’t make sense.

Searching by dates in the top search – Now, you can enter a date in the top search and see results. The date you are searching should match the format of the date displayed in your records to return results. If the date shows anywhere in the record (even in fields not displayed on your view), that record will return in the results. So, while it’s cool this works now, we still recommend using the magnifying search for more precise results.

Requests we have placed with our fairy godmother:

Deleted Set Lists still appear in the Producer View assignment modal – If you delete your set list, it is still showing as a viable set list for shot assignment. We are convincing the database to just let it go and move on. There is no sense in holding on to what you have already determined should not exist.

Fields read as “undefined” in printing or exporting a Pull List – All of those “undefined” fields really just mean there is no value there. So, it would only make sense that we show nothing, nada, zip, zilch instead of cluttering the list with “undefined.”

Refreshing data in the views after using the SCAN modal – Instead of having to refresh the page, or navigate away and come back, the views will auto-update with the newly processed information. Yes, yes, we are moving into 2017 and the land of instant gratification.

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