Release Notes for v1.0.5

We are ready to release v1.0.5 of Producer and Sample Coordinator views! This means we are one step closer to exterminating all of those pesky bugs. We expect to push this latest and greatest version on Tuesday, February 7th.

Here’s what we’ve been working on for your v1.0.5 release:

Die Bugs, Die! (What’s fixed)

Dates not displaying on barcode labels – For some clients, the date fields of barcode labels were showing as a long numeric string. We promise that the long crazy string has meaning, but unless you’re a developer, it meant nothing to you. Now, you should see those dates appear the way the rest of the world can understand them.

Not all Set Lists appear when assigning shots in Producer View (and if they do show, sometimes you could only assign one batch of shots)– When you are assigning shots to set lists in Producer View, you are now able to access all set lists! That’s right – the existing set lists are available to select and so are the ones you create in the modal. And… you can assign multiple batches of shots to the set list. No more one-hit wonder set lists (Sorry Vanilla Ice, Ice Baby)

Why am I assigning shots to "Save/Assign"? – In some instances, the name of the set list wasn’t carrying through the entire shot assignment process in Producer View. Even though it would assign the shots, you would see the set list name change to "Save/Assign&#34. Some change is good (like when Clark Kent becomes Superman or your Pikachu evolves to Raichu), but this wasn’t one those cases. Now, your set list name should display throughout the assigning process.

You can’t enter comma delimited lists in the Apply to Action modal of Producer View – We decided to be fair and stop making life for the producer more difficult than it needs to be. Like the Sample Coordinator view, you can now enter lists using both carriage returns (enter) and commas when you use the Apply to Action modal.


More Extermination Needed (What we’re still working on killing)

Refining the Magnifying Search – There are still some anomalies of the magnifying search that produce unexpected results. We are still hammering those out so you can search your data without being Sherlock Holmes. Here are a few known oddities:

“Doesn’t Begin With” and “Doesn’t End With” pull up nothing or opposite of what is expected.

“Begins With”, “Contains”, and “Ends With” show nothing with a partial word or number entered.

Searching using “Greater Than” checks the first digit and not the whole number, so results may not be completely accurate.

Selecting additional records for barcode printing after hitting cancel doesn’t grab all of the records in Sample Coordinator View – Currently, if you select several records for barcode printing, and then hit cancel because you forgot to include a few more, only the newest selected records will actually print. Since pencils have erasers to account for mistakes, we’ve kindly asked the developers to allow for all records to be printed in case you don’t get them on all on the first try.

Formatting of the CSV export list is unreadable – This is still being worked on. We recommend that you print a pull list as a workaround until our developers can get this one corrected, which will be soon because our developers don’t like to make

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