Release Notes for v1.0.4.3

It’s that time again! We’ve made some improvements to the cloud application (ok, so we fixed some buggy code to make it work better). Without further ado, here are your official v1.0.4.3 release notes! 

Amazing stuff you probably think was easy to fix, but wasn’t:

  • Searching Date Fields using EQUAL for same day action does not return results- Now you can use your magnifying search in Producer View and Sample Coordinator View to return records searched using a date field filter. (Please note, that it still won’t remind you of your anniversary so that’s on you to remember.)
  • Inaccurate confirmation/rejection when assigning shots in PV – Now you should receive accurate confirmation popups when editing or moving your records. If you see a rejection notice, please report it to support for assistance on the cause, as this is not necessarily an indication that something is broken.
  • Additional results appear when using the “equals” logical operator – Now you can use “equals” to return exact results when filtering your Producer View or Sample Coordinator View magnifying searches. You want to see only the color Soft Black? Use “equals” to return only records with “Soft Black” and not records with “Dark Black”, “Jet Black”, or “Black”. The phrase being searched for with “equals” must be exact, but is not case sensitive (because that would-be overkill). If you want vague results, continue to use “within list.”
  • Producer View and Sample Coordinator view don’t update – Now you should be able to see the changes you make to records in both views. Move a sample? Assign a shot? Add a new record in the app? Yep, it took a bit of magic, but they will show in the views like we knew they should… although it can take a few minutes to reflect in the page, and requires a clean load of the page once the data is updated. We recommend a brisk walk and a power bar to ensure proper time for the data to fully bake.

Geeky version: Because PV and SC are handling so much data and need to be able to sort it approximately a billion different ways, they leverage a cached version of the database that can take up to a few minutes to fully sync with the primary database, in order to reflect the most recent changes

Short version: Anything worth seeing in PV/SC is worth waiting up to five minutes for, or so we have convinced ourselves.


Reasons we can’t sleep at night (besides Red Bull):

  • Searching fields with symbols or characters in the field name or in values, return no or unexpected results – If you have fields (field names or field values) with strange symbols like a colon or semi-colon, you won’t get what you’re looking for. Your BA will be reaching out to discuss this further and make adjustments to field names as needed so that you can search these fields.
  • Export Pull List is poorly formatted – If you use the export pull list function, the CSV file that is generated is very difficult to read. We are already beating on the developers to format the file in a way that humans can read it. 
  • Searching for a date in the top search bar returns no results – If you need to search for a date on your Producer View or Sample Coordinator view, you should utilize the magnifying search. The way that the system is currently configured, if you really wanted to search by date using the top search, you would have to use the Unix format… Just trust us, you don’t want to figure that one out! 

This fabulous new release will be pushed out later this afternoon after we ingest your new data. If you don’t have an ingest for today, then please expect to witness the glory upon logging in this morning. 

As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues or have any questions by submitting a support ticket through the help-desk ticket system. 

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