Meet the Team

ShotFlow isn’t just a technology platform. It is developed, configured and supported by a team of photography industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience working with the world’s leading photography brands and studios.


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Dave Gallagher

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Titles and labels belong on books and soup cans respectively. To me they don’t make the man, his reputation and integrity do. My most important job is being the best father I can to Aidan, McKenna, and Emma and giving them the best foundation for happiness and success in life. And to attempt to give my wife a fraction of the joy that she has brought to me and our family.

  • RIT - BS in Imaging Technology
  • Sinar Bron Inc. (5 years) Regional Manager
  • Calumet Digital Solutions (4 Years) Area Sales Manager
  • Phase One US (3 Years) Manager
  • Prolab Imaging (2 Years)
  • Opened Capture Integration in 2004
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Josh Booth

Lead Developer, Integration & Automation

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Josh moved to Atlanta in 2006 after graduating with a B.F.A. in Photography from Savannah College of Art & Design. He made the switch to photography from computer animation after a unique opportunity landed him taking photos in war-torn Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s capture in December 2003.

Josh joins the Capture Integration team after working as a Pro-level trainer for Apple – specializing in web design, photography, video editing, and motion graphics. Originally from Lexington, KY, he enjoys watching sports (UK Basketball – Go Cats!), training in Muay Thai / Mixed Martial Arts, and heckling his wife, Bethany, and his dog, Dakota.

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Sean Newby

Lead Platform Developer

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Sean grew up cavorting in the vast forests of Canada with his pet moose cub, Biscuit. They had many adventures together, including learning to play hockey on a perpetually frozen lake, building computers out of sticks, and hacking into the US election system.

Sean spends his spare time making snarky comments about Americans and getting hit in the head with pucks.

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Caroline Polakowska

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Caroline is a software QA professional based in Poland. She holds three ISTQB certifications with an ambition to learn more about testing.

When Caroline is not logging bugs, she is found in karaoke bars listening to people singing Neil Diamond’s #1 hit song (unknowingly dedicated to her) while she plays it cool and orders another drink.

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Eric Fulmer

VP, ShotFlow Operations

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Eric has been a pioneer in digital photography and digital asset workflow since the early 1990s when he joined Fuji’s fledgling Digital Imaging Division. Later, Eric worked with leading photography studios at both Leaf and Phase One, pioneers in high resolution digital capture systems and image processing workflows. He then piloted DAM integrations at major government institutions including the US Air Force, Navy Visual News Service and Defense Intelligence Agency. Most recently, he played multiple roles in one of the world's leading studio production companies, deploying end-to-end creative production solutions for the world’s largest apparel and retail brands.

Eric has six children ranging in age from adults to preschool age twins, which keep him and his wife of 28 years very busy! They recently moved to a small "hobby farm" and now care for a gaggle of ducks and four heirloom miniature sheep (Hall & Oats, Simon & Garfunkel). He is a voracious reader and political junkie during his rare moments of spare time, and enjoys picking on Canadians (due to his fear of moose)  and writing ridiculously inaccurate team bios.

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Len Mizutowicz

Director of Professional Services

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Len is a US Navy Submariner whose love of technology led him to Bell Labs/Truevision where industry standards such as 24-bit color were pioneered, working with innovators Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and Pixar. He then joined Fuji's fledgling Digital Imaging Division to introduce the world's first fully digital camera and worked with major retail clients including Walmart, Costco and Walgreens
A Chicago native, Len has adopted the Pacific Northwest as his home and enjoys camping, fishing, and kayaking. He can usually be found tending a smoker or grill laden with large slabs of meat or in the woods writing his manifesto.
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Rebecca Starr

Director of Client Success

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Rebecca is an experienced, technologically savvy customer service specialist from a client-facing role in the SaaS market. She has the ability to interact with clients in a first-line of defense area, as well as provide communication and skills across multiple areas of expertise, including front-end development and proprietary software.

In Rebecca’s spare time, she is a mom of three girls that make her very proud, enjoys the fine arts including drama, karaoke and poetry, and loves to bring new life to old furniture.

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Will Rutledge

Senior Business Analyst

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With expertise in commercial photography, videography, and computer science, Will Rutledge has been described as a bit of a unicorn. Will managed QVC’s photography studio for twenty one years, introducing early digital photography equipment (Leaf DCB, anyone?) to QVC and eventually managing all photography operations for QVC’s website. He also helped scale the photography operations of Craftsy, Inc. (now Bluprint) from a few dozen items per month to a thousand items per month, putting in place systems to organize workflow and gather business intelligence. Will managed the development of revised photography standards and A-B testing to support a complete rebranding of Craftsy’s website, email, and social media channels. He believes in data driven decision making.
In addition to managing photography operations, Will is also an accomplished commercial photographer and DP having photographed fashion, celebrities, and nearly every kind of consumer product imaginable.
Will has a hybrid liberal arts degree from University of Michigan in Photography, Psychology, and Computer Science which has proven remarkably to the point. He is very fortunate to call Golden, Colorado his home, where he enjoys skiing and road biking in the nearby mountains. His daughter, Eva, constantly amazes him with her strength and brilliance.


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Conor McCabe

Business Development

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Conor may be from Ireland, Scotland, or the UK, it's not entirely clear. He's pretty sure he currently lives in Spain, but on a given day he is likely somewhere else in the world, which is just the way his wife and family prefer it.

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Keegan Rush

Mac & iOS Application Developer

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Keegan is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, and currently living in Poland. He has been a professional software developer since 2013. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Systems. He started doing mobile app development in 2014, with the bulk of that in iOS.

His favorite areas of focus are Swift and iOS development, functional programming, programming practices, and clean software architectures.

He is an avid long distance runner, and loves listening to podcasts on programming, health, or personal development while running. He reads every day, but it’s obviously not enough, as his ‘Books To Read’ list is already in the hundreds and shows no signs of coming down.

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Tim Bilsborough

Senior Business Analyst

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Tim is an experienced Studio Management professional based in the UK, providing consultative and expert guidance for some of the Europe’s largest brands and retailers and their in-house content creation agencies. This includes developing automated processes and systems, overseeing multimedia content production and delivery, ensuring projects run as efficiently, profitably and implemented to the highest creative standard.

Tim enjoys taking long walk in the countryside but often found in cocktail bars.

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Tsvetozar "Cvet" Kalchev

Web Front End Developer

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Cvet is from Bulgaria and rocks. That is all.