Our Mission

Streamlining photo studio operations for retail production teams

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Our Vision

We believe studio production teams at retail and apparel brands can scale their output and flex their creative muscles, if the process is more like using a smartphone app, and less like spreadsheets of sorrow™️.

Our Story

Our team mixes two disparate dynamics -- a love for the art of photography, and an obsession with data and automation. This fusion drove us to define a new technology category: Studio Production Management (SPM). SPM is all about transforming visual content production at the world's leading retail brands and studios.

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A Connected Solution

Although studio production has always been challenging, e-commerce multiplies those challenges by orders of magnitude. And despite a lack of commercial tools to address the overall visual content creation workflow, most studio teams aren't actually looking for a new tool- they'd prefer the tools they already use to work better together.

Best-of-breed tools include Phase One's Capture One Pro, Adobe's Creative Cloud and Lightroom Classic, collaborative review/approval, and Digital Asset Management (DAM). ShotFlow connects these tools together into a single, seamless workflow process, while replacing spreadsheets with data "flow" into every system. And every asset is now "smarter" via automated metadata tagging.

A Brand/Studio Network

Solving production challenges for individual studios and brands is just the beginning. ShotFlow enables brands to manage all visual content production from one dashboard, across in-house studios and any number of studio partners. It's the world's first and only standardized production platform for visual content creation. Now assigning and monitoring production work around the world is a few clicks away.