plan, monitor and measure brand production in real-time

brand is a cloud app encompassing all studio production work for a brand, configured to the brand's unique production data architecture, KPIs, and business rules to automate processes and minimize (or eliminate) manual data entry. Replacing myriad spreadsheets, manual reports and paper documents, brand is the central hub for Studio Production Management across all studio operations.

  • Connectivity to all key data sources in the business, effectively eliminating manual data entry
  • Managing of work down the individual shot level, vastly increasing accuracy of KPIs including Cost per Shot
  • Live connection to ShotFlow studio modules anywhere in the world, enabling real-time assignment and monitoring of work across both in-house and partner studios


manage studio operations in real-time

studio is a cloud app representing a physical studio location. studio enables each production facility to work seamlessly with any number of brands, with visibility to only the samples and work assigned to that location. The studio dashboard enables a variety of real-time customized graphs and charts to keep the Studio Operations team updated “at a glance.”

  • Studio users only need to log into their assigned Set, and all relevant data is delivered to them: Shot Lists, Shots, Style Guides, Talent, etc.
  • Supports the optional ShotFlow gear module 

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automate tethered and card-based shooting workflows

ShotFlow capture is a locally installed module supporting capture work, including a unique integration to Capture One. Now each Set has “live” digital Shot Lists that are updated on the fly from the ShotFlow cloud, ensuring the capture team is always working with the latest data.

capture also automates folder structure, file naming and rich metadata attachment to captured files, whether via Capture One Pro, or through "drag and drop" of files shot on cards, or from any other source.

As the capture team adds Shots, adds Photo Notes, or completes Shots, their work is synced back to the ShotFlow cloud to enable real time production visibility and monitoring by authorized users from a web browser on any device.

capture modules can be located on capture stations anywhere in the world and have instant access to the latest production data for the selected Set, with a valid log-in. This includes in-house studios, external (contracted) studios, on-location photography, or any combination of the above.

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  • Local Mac OS app automating file naming, metadata tagging and Capture One session folder management
  • Visibility to all active Shot Lists for the current Set
  • Shot Lists are automatically ordered by priority for easy shoot management
  • Visibility to the Shots for each Shot List, including warnings and Shot completion status
  • Add creative data such as Retouching Notes, which are also tagged in the image assets for visibility by downstream teams
  • Style on-Set (e.g. Looks) via barcode scans to automate metadata tagging for all featured Products in the Shot


track and manage sample merchandise and related shipments

ShotFlow samples produces barcode labels for tagging products, and enables logging of product movement via the ShotFlow mobile app or barcode scanners. Samples are combined into Shipments to provide visibility and tracking for studio partners.

  • Sample tracking capability via barcode label printing
  • More than one Sample can be tracked per Product
  • Sample records are linked to their corresponding Product and Shots
  • Scanning a Sample barcode on Set instantly delivers the required Shots for that Shot List workflow (e.g. Laydown Shots on Set 1, On-Figure Shots on Set 2)

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time tracking

automated time tracking for each Shot, Shot List, and Set - with logging to assigned Talent records

The ShotFlow time tracking module automatically logs elapsed time for every shot on every set, even when the shoot is completed off-line. The time tracking data syncs to the ShotFlow One cloud automatically to enable centralized analysis and reporting. This is an extremely powerful tool for measuring production time toward key performance indicators (KPIs) such as cost per shot.

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style guides

automated presentation of styling reference imagery to capture teams

ShotFlow style guides represent optimal presentations of products or layouts to align with brand standards. These references can change over time and are critical for channels such as eCommerce and catalogs, where customers can see many products presented next to each other and styling inconsistencies are immediately noticeable.

Now the latest style guides can be kept on the ShotFlow cloud for a "single source of truth" and presented automatically via the local ShotFlow capture upon selection of a shot. With ShotFlow style guides, capture teams never have to wonder if they are using the most current version - it appears next to their Capture One window for accurate styling guidance on-Set.

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track Marketing initiatives against studio production work

ShotFlow campaigns brings the relevant Campaigns, Projects, Jobs, and Channels into the studio production process to align content creation work to the brand's Marketing deliverables and goals.

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manage "ad hoc" creative requests linked to production work

ShotFlow requests enables tracking of individual requests against the production work to fulfill them. Requests are fully configurable to client needs to support any number of workflows, including:

  • New photography requests
  • Reshoot requests
  • Sample requests
  • Vendor sample requests
  • Vendor supplied imagery (VSI) requests
  • Vendor supplied content/copy requests

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manage talent resources, bookings, and usage rights

The ShotFlow talent module tracks the models, photographers, stylists, digital techs and other people resources involved in production. Now you can track the key information about your talent including their specifications, rates, contact information, and attach head shots and related documents such as model release forms. Then talent can be assigned to sets for tracking their work, and can be linked to individual shots so that the captured images will not only include the name of the talent resource/s, but can reflect related information such as usage rights that were negotiated for that talent. Now every asset produced with talent that requires usage rights limits will have that information inside the “smart asset” and accessible to any XMP compliant DAM, CMS/WCM, approval tool, etc.

  • Automatic linking to shots, including rights expiration metadata
  • tracking of time on-Set via the optional ShotFlow time tracking module

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manage gear resources and utilization integrated to real-time production data

The ShotFlow gear module tracks the cameras, lenses, lighting, grip and other equipment involved in production. Now you can track the key information about your gear, including Manufacturer, Model, serial number, purchase date, and attach related documents such as purchase orders and warranty cards. Then gear can be assigned to sets for tracking the location of the equipment. In addition, the number of captures logged at that set are automatically attached to assigned gear records, enabling tracking of the utilization and replacement cycles of the gear over time.

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track asset status

The ShotFlow assets module enables tracking the digital assets created from Shots as they move through the post-production workflow. This process can be automated by adding asset automation modules.

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asset automation

automate post-capture file movement and visiblity

ShotFlow asset automation modules transforms the post-production workflow into a seamless and efficient process, virtually eliminating manual file/folder work.

Asset automation - base enables configuration of folder-based workflows that move files to and from folders, servers, and even FTP sites without manual work.

Smarter asset automation adds metadata triggering to create much more sophisticated workflows, such as all assets tagged as "Laydowns" move one direction, and "On-Figure" assets move another. In addition, smarter asset automation manages the visibility to these files from the ShotFlow cloud. So as soon as an asset is detected in a local folder, server or FTP site, the asset status is updated in a "single source of truth" visible from a web browser.

Post-production work management adds individualized queues per post-production user (such as the Retouching team), with a centralized work dashboard and team messaging.

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Future Module Considerations

  • automatically applying Capture One settings based on the shot selected in ShotFlow capture
  • shoot planning via a production calendar integrated to real-time production data

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