Eric Fulmer

VP of Operations & Strategic Growth

Josh Booth

Senior Software Architect


Studio Production Management and Black Swans


Eric tells the story of his personal journey that led to ShotFlow: Just Get Started Podcast, Episode 73: Eric Fulmer

Defining the new "box" that brands need to include in planning their Marketing Technology stack: Studio Production Management in the Brand Martech Stack


Spreadsheets: The "Killer App" that is Killing Creative Ops Efficiency


How changing fashion Seasons impact the creative technology toolset: 'Tis the Season for Fundamental Transformation

Considering the next big transition in fashion imaging, from 2D to 3D: Fashion Imagery in the Next Dimension

Exploring the struggle of fashion brands to keep up with consumers and thoughts on the People / Process / Technology challenges inherent to seeking change: “The Zara Effect”: Fashion Turns Inside Out


A four-part series of articles for WhichPLM Magazine on the challenges of visual content production for fashion brands in the new multi-channel world:

Article 1:
The Camel’s Back is Broken; Visual Content in a Multi-Channel Era

Article 2:
Closing the Data ‘Black Hole’ in High Volume Visual Content Production

Article 3:
Content Congestion; the need for modern production & approval workstreams

Article 4:
Viva La DAM Revolution! 

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