Release Notes

Release Notes for v1.0.5

We are ready to release v1.0.5 of Producer and Sample Coordinator views! This means we are one step closer to exterminating all of those pesky bugs. We expect to push this latest and greatest version on Tuesday, February 7th. Here’s what we’ve been working on for your v1.0.5 release: Die Bugs, Die! (What’s fixed) Dates…

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Release Notes for v1.0.4.3

It’s that time again! We’ve made some improvements to the cloud application (ok, so we fixed some buggy code to make it work better). Without further ado, here are your official v1.0.4.3 release notes!  Amazing stuff you probably think was easy to fix, but wasn’t: Searching Date Fields using EQUAL for same day action does…

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Release Notes for v1.0.3.1

As promised, we have been working diligently to correct some reported issues that were affecting workflow in the cloud. After thorough testing of the coding in our staging environment we have decided to push the changes to production.  Listed below are the changes you can expect along with some of the “quirks” we uncovered during…

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