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The world's leading brands and studios rely on ShotFlow as their visual content production "operating system."  ShotFlow simplifies Studio Production Management by eliminating spreadsheets and other data "silos" from the production workflow.

ShotFlow automates studio production in unique ways, including generating shots and dynamic shot lists with no manual effort, and automatically naming and tagging photo and video assets with rich metadata. These "smarter" assets enable "Shop the Look" and other rich content experiences for the modern brand.

Capture Integration

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In September of 2010, Capture Integration was awarded the coveted “Phase One Partner of the Year” award for the second time. Today, Capture Integration is internationally recognized as the leader in our field and the dealer of choice for the most demanding photographers from around the world. This small, dedicated team of experts, and the organization they are a part of, serves as the benchmark of how business should be conducted in our new digital marketplace.